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This is DayLogr. Log your daily activities, thoughts, actions, habits, and anything else. Keep track of your routines, see how often you do activities, and just scroll back to see what you were up to in the past.
Your data stored here is private, and only visible and accessible to you.

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DayLogr is all about having somewhere to record those little life events that would otherwise go forgotten.

screenshot creating entry in a private log

Use separate logs to record as much or as little as you like! Maybe create a log just for rating your day...

screenshot creating entry in a daily rating log

As a subscriber, you can have as many logs as you like. Share logs with friends or family, or maybe make them public for the world to see.

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Soon you'll be able to embed logs into your website, and even sync them to your work or personal calendar!

screenshot of a view with combined multiple logs

So sign up, log in, make a few entries and maybe have a go with our trial subscription.

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